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I hope you had a great end of the year, that you spent it with loved ones, and if you didn’t I hope you feel good about starting a whole new year with new experiences and adventures to be lived! Also, I hope January is treating you pretty good so far!

I’m back on the blog again and it feels so so good! I haven’t blogged in so long and one of my 2015 goals is to blog more! Definitly making it a priority.

This one is all about 2014 and the things I did and loved during this past year. I’ve had such a good year and the best one so far, I’ve been both at my best which I entirely enjoyed and my worst from which I learned so many lessons this year for sure. Also, it made me excited to come into 2015 with a positive happy spirit.

These 14 things are so random, there is no order or category at all!

#1 – Neutral Interiors :  

This year I’ve been so obsessed with neutrals and whites and cream.. I just love these colors and feel like they are so easy to work with.


The crisp and freshness of an all white room wether it be a bedroom or a living room or a kitchen, I just love how relaxing that is. It’s so classy too!

#2 – Trying different coffee drinks :    

If you know me, you know I’m a huge coffee drinker and I’m so obsessed with coffee I litterally want to travel the world just to try different local coffees and go to different coffee shops! Yep, the obsession is real ..

coffee espresso recipes infographic design

#3 – Living in Paris :    

This time last year I moved to Paris for an exchange semester which was so fun I don’t know how to top this one this year! Definitly had the best time and got to meet so many different people with different backgrounds and personalities.

Do I look happy or what
Do I look happy or what
It's a cloudy day!
It’s a cloudy day!
Tourist-y kind of day
Tourist-y kind of day

That was very eye opening as far as my relationships are concerned as it made me accept the people around me more and more importantly let people be who they feel the need to be.

#4 – Hardwood floors :

What a random one but I get really excited about wooden floors. I love it and think it adds so much character to any space and it just looks so sleek.

01-hardwood-floors Show Home Interior hardwood-floors

#5 – Visiting Amsterdam, Netherlands :

What a fun a trip I went on! I love discovering new places and seeing how people live in different communities with somewhat different habits. The key to any trip is good company and I’ve had just that for some good laughs and good memories. Here are some of the pictures I took while exploring :

photos ipad 25 1032 photos ipad 25 1065 photos ipad 25 1074 photos ipad 25 1077 photos ipad 25 1121

#6 – Cheese, cheese & cheese :

I love food! I think it’s no secret by now! I love trying things and eating very well to please my sweet tooth and the not so sweet one that makes me eat a crazy amount of cheese and pizza and all sorts of things not so good for my fitness goals. But you cannot be in Paris without eating all the cheese there is unless you don’t like that in which case I totally feel bad for you (joking!) but I definitely have a weakness for the blue cheese which I ate so so much while being there, melted on a good hot toasty french baguette!

Kind of want it right now!
Kind of want it right now!

#7 – Decorating with flowers and plants :

I just really love the good vibes and the mood that flowers set in any space.

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It’s so refreshing, some of them just glam up the room and make it look so fancy and girly while some others can set very neutral and relaxing vibes like greens and succulants which are my favorites!

#8 – Having no party at all for my 22nd birthday :

This one may come off as depressing and sad for some of you but nope, it was the total opposite for me. I didn’t celebrate my birthday at all, not with my friends, not with my family.


The only reason is that I wanted, for once, keep away from me that pressure that people put on themselves to celebrate everything, be happy for everything sometimes even they are that excited at all. I felt like doing what my head was telling me to do and sometimes I just feel like doing what people don’t often do and that implies doing exactly what I want to do instead of just following a certain habit. Instead, I took that day to relax and spent it being oh so grateful and happy to be alive for 22 years. I feel extremely blessed everyday and I felt like taking my birthday to say thanks to the One Responsible for my full functioning body and soul that I am so happy and blessed to have.

#9 – 3 AM Pizza delivery by the Eiffel Tower with my best friend :

I’m telling you, it’s the little things that make a life so special. I’m sure she would laugh hard reading this because we litterally laugh about it all the time. It was freezing, man!


STORY TIME : It was my last night before heading back home and what better way than to spend it with my best friend. Well, long story short, pizza, good laughs, and good company are enough to make me happy.

image (4)
Not the best quality but the priceless times..

Oh! And when the pizza came, an american guy right next to us proposed to his girlfriend right there and then, how cute! Good timing, friend.

#10 – Candles :

It was one of the things I really got into this year. I love lighting candles right after I clean my space. It makes it so fresh and clean. Oh and the scents are endless!


#11 – Picnics :  

Yes, under a good spring-y sun, good company, good food. Just yes!

#12 – Vision boards :

I just cannot live without one. Absolutely not. It’s the kind of thing I need to stay focused on my goals and it helps me achieve so much and be productive because let me tell you, if there was a trophee for lazyness and procrastination I’ll probably get in first place.

A little look at my personal board

It’s so easy for me to just get lost in eat, sleep, repeat type of schedule. Being a student until now, school is the only “work” I have, so whenever I have free time, I honestly would rather be doing things to get me closer to my goals and that’s where the vision boards come in. Positivity all the way.

#13 – Gardens :  

I just love gardens for solo outings or some good old picnic!

image (3)
Lost my way once and ended up here

#14 – Finally, starting this blog:  

I love having a plateform where I’m able to just express myself wether it be on a personal level, or about interior design which I’m so in love with! I hope this year, I get to take it to the next level. One of my 2015 goals is blogging more. Something about loving what you do is so liberating and if it makes me happy then it’s the only good reason I need, right?!

There you go, I hope you got to this part and you weren’t quite bored by how long this entry was! I loved 2014 to pieces and hope I’ll kill this 2015 and smash it while making my dreams come true. No matter what happens, I am for sure enjoying the process! Let me know about some of your 2015 goals that you plan on acheiving, I would love to hear all about it!

I hope you feel as inspired as I do,



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