“Never yet was a springtime, when the buds forgot to bloom.”

—Margaret Elizabeth Sangster


Hello hello! With spring just around the corner I cannot help myself but think about bright colors and pastels! It’s my favourite time of the  year for sure (although I’m sure I say this about every season!) but I just can’t help but be SO inlove with spring and summer. I mean tan skin? Beach days? Ice cold drinks? Are you kidding who doesn’t love that! Probably someone but we’re not friends! jk of course ..

Well I just decided that the best thing to get you guys (or myself) in the mood for bright colours and sunshine-y days is to write about it am I right?!

I freaking love this blush colours although I’m normally all about bright neon shiny in your face kind of colours. Like the kind of pink you wouldn’t miss me wearing because it’s THAT bright!! But this one in particluar I think a lot of people appreciate. All my girly girls out there, this colour is so feminine and classy I love it so much.

Enough talking I’ll let you appreciate the beautiful ways to incorporate this fresh blush colour in your homes wether it be living rooms or bedrooms or offices.


6Oh that pop of flower arrangement is adorable!


3I won’t ever get out of bed if this was my bedroom!

2 5

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