Let’s face it, we’ve all opened up magazines and read articles about celebrities buying their latest home or what celebrity lives where and we probably all got a little jealous of how amazing celebrity homes look like!

I mean, what’s the point in being a billionnaire if you’re not gonna live where you can see Central Park right from your bedroom right ?

Well here’s a bunch of celebrities I’m obsessed with that got me oh so obsessed! with their homes!

  •     Gisele Bundchen and husband Tom Brady

"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Candids


Image1Perks of being a  celebrity couple instead of just one of them being a celebrity is the obvious, you just have the check for this beautiful home in the sunny Los Angeles. Do I really need more words ?



Even though they have a bunch of properties around the world, Gisele Bundchen and husband Tom Brady (NFL Star) share this beautiful home that has outdoors that make you long for summer days.


I am SO in love with the living room down below, it’s so fresh and those plants, me and them plants & flowers, it just feels revitalizing!!

The colors are so on point !!


  • Orlando Bloom’s New York pad :


No longer Taylor Swift’s neighboor, Orlando Bloom buys his own beautiful and manly 3-bedroom in another area, that being for  $4.89 million last June.

I guess you wish you were starring in Lord of the Rings right?!



I really love the wood looking ceilings! It just feels so cozy and think about everything you can do with that brick wall ? My mind is full of ideas but wait, I don’t live there so ..




My personal favourite comedian of course, I have to show where he lives cause I’m a stalker like that. Jesse Tyler Ferguson lives in a one-bedroom apartment closed for $1.23 million. It seems like the apartment will be a New York City crashpad for him.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

If you’ve never watched Modern Family, what in the world are you waiting for ?! It’s sooo funny and Mitch & Cam are my favourite characters, and Lilly too, can’t forget about Lilly!



Kitchens are always my favourite place in a every house. It just makes for the heart of a house!

Who would mind a bath here!

And lastly, my all time obsession is Cameron Diaz as an actress, a person and her overall taste. She is so simple yet so classy and beautifl. I’ve watched practically all her movies and take her advice on health or fitness and fashion almost too seriously.

Obviously her interior taste is just as good as she is!

Courtesy of Elle Decor who did an article on her new found gem that I’m so in love with. It just goes hand in hand with the spring vibes I’ll be talking to you about way too much fo the next month or so.



I really love how feminine and sophisticated it looks. The pastel colors are oh so relaxing!

Check them neutral colors in the bedroom! Love!



What do you think about these beauties? I really love this last Cameron Diaz place it’s so sophisticated and a green kitchen ? It just changes the game in my opinion.

Thank you so much for reading I hope you got a whole lot of inspiration along these pictures just like me.

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