A couple of days ago, TripAdvisor has chosen Marrakesh to be the World’s Top Tourist Destination. That’s a lot considering the fact that we’re talking about the whole world here.

Being moroccan myself, I thought it would be a great way to show off my country a little through this article and I mean .. Why not, right!

If you’re not familiar with Marrakesh or Morocco for that matter, I would love to enlighten you a little. It’s a North African country that has a coastline on both the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. I am no expert on this but I think it has the most beautiful views and tourist areas in the world and Marrakesh does not disapoint!

Art is everywhere
Look at those vibrant colours!!

Marrakech is up by five spots from 2014 to become the World’s No.1 destination in 2015, according to TripAdvisor.

The ranking was published on Tuesday and was based on travelers’ reviews to select their 2015 Travelers’ Choice award winners for the world’s top destination.

I really love Marrakesh for the main reason that it never gets old. I’ve been there so many times in my life and would go back anytime. From sightseeing to historic places or the place for nightlife lovers, I think it has a good repertoire for every taste you may have!

I am honestly not an expert or know too much about the history of Marrakesh although it is such a shame and I should be on my “A  game” being Moroccan AND also my uncle is a tourist guide IN MARRAKESH! Oh! He would be ashamed because he made me tour this city so many times before and took me places most people have never thought of going to but I was a kid okay? Can’t remember everything ..

Whenever I’m there I do the classic  “Jamaâ El Fna” Tour because I can promise you most people do if not all of them. It has stores for all traditional moroccan items from little key chains to traditional clothes and home decor pieces inspired from our culture. I love being in that environment you can just feel the culture with all your senses.


Jamaâ El Fna

My favourite home decor pieces to find there are these candles. You can find them in a lot of places in Morocco but in that souk, you’ll just see them everywhere, no need to look for them!


Whenever I go to Marrakesh I always love to stay at Palmeraie Village. It’s almost a habit from a couple years ago. Me and my family just love it there, not too close but not too far either. I love the environment, the nature and how Marrakesh-y it is! Also big recomendation from my uncle because well .. he’s family and also he’s really good I promise! He litterally would tell me about stuff that happened centuries ago and I love it so much!


This is one of my pictures I was able to find from one time I was there

These are my own pictures and others I just found to show you guys if you wanna know what it looks like for real.


This the lounging are and the dining table


Lounge away!


Also the bedroom views are incredible. Always have a beautiful relaxing balcony

I would highly recommend it because of the zen space and the peace and quiet there is. If you ever go to Marrakesh to fully relax and take a little breather, I would say go to the Palmeraie. I usually go for weekends because I live roughly over 3 hours far and I wish weekends were longer that 2 days.

Beautiful relaxing place in Marrakesh called Menara


So according to TripAdvisor, Marrakech is “a magical place, brimming with markets, gardens, palaces, and mosques. Exploring the intimate courtyards and snaking alleyways of the historic Medina can easily eat up a day. Find inner peace at the serene Jardin Majorelle or take in the beauty of one of the city’s historic mosques.”

If you’ve never been to Morocco I would highly recommend you take a tour and of course you just cannot come without visiting Marrakesh. I mean you do trust TripAdvisor don’t you ? Also, I don’t think Moroccans wouldn’t recommend this city, I just love it so much and I should probably plan a trip there cause it has been a hot minute and spring is just the perfect time to go!

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I hope you feel as Inspired as I do!


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