Long distance relationships are very hard and very few can make it work. There is no magic trick to making them successful but there is definitely something you have to be : strong. There is one ingredient that you both have to have : the will to make it work. Otherwise, no advice can do it on its own.

The difference between a normal relationship and a long distance one is that if you are not mindful about being with the other person, it’s going to be hard for the couple to feel present or invested in a relationship. You have to get all your romantic side out to make up for the distance.

1 – Look for your Best Friend in your Partner :

Long distance means no hugs, no kisses. No physical action or reaction that would make the other person feel loved or appreciated. A lot of it is just Words. Make sure you become best friends during this time. It’s important to share everything with your partner. How your day was, how annoying your boss is, what you want to do in the future or even how your cat is doing. Tell jokes, tag each other in memes like all best friends do. Check and double check on each other because your friendship is going to thrive while your love gets to be expressed in more ways than what most couples know.

2 – Plan Internet Dates :

I love this one because nothing can stop you from spending some quality time with your loved one, not the miles and not even jet lag.

You can set a time and a date for your romantic rendez-vous and it doesn’t have to be dinner with candles. It could be an hour of just catching up, a morning of hanging out with each other on video chat and sharing your day to day life. You can both dress up if you want to make it special or you can hang out in your PJ’s. Whatever works for you, really. The point is not to mimic a face-to-face date. The point is to have quality time of just him or her focused on you, and you focused on him/her.

3 – Watch the same movies/shows :

This one is a winner. It’s easy to do and everyone is doing it already. Most people watch the same shows these days. Casa Del Papel, anyone ? I know, right !

You can make sure you both like a certain show and watch live together or watch it seperatly and then call each other and discuss it. It’s so fun to do this !

4 – Gift each other through the Internet :

When I was based in Paris, I called a local flower shop here in Casablanca and had them deliver flowers on my best friend’s birthday. I paid on their website and Voilà !  You can do anything you want, just let your creativity flow ! There is no excuse for missing valentine’s day, or their birthday or your anniversary with this tip !

Tell me one thing that’s impossible to do today ? Everything is made SO easy with the internet. You can easily buy a gift for your partner, write their address and have it delivered directly to them ! How cool is this ?!

I honestly love it and find it to be such a beautiful gesture to show that you are thinking of them, even if they are not right there with you all year around. It could be anything from a jewelery shop for him & her or a local flower shop. Basically, anything you can pay online and have it shipped directly to them.

5 – Plan a Trip to Each Other’s Hometowns/Countries :

It’s very important after all, to take your relationship off the internet a couple times a year and go where your partner lives. This helps you both get to know the environment the other one is living in, which essentially helps you get to know each other better.

Telling you all about it is one thing, but being there to witness it, be present in it is a whole different thing. You can meet their friends in person, the family if that’s where they live also, you can go do activities with them which until now, you only got to share over video chat. Remember number 1 ? Be Best Friends !


Share with us your favourite way to keep the flame in a long distance relationship ?





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